50 Shades of Blue - LEDs and Additive Colour Mixing

Thursday September 28, 2017 at a SPECIAL TIME & LOCATION

Cineplex Theatres at Lansdowne Map
325 Marché Way #107, Ottawa, ON
Validated Parking Included!

2:00pm Networking/Cash Bar
2:30pm Presentation
3:30-5:00pm Social Hour with Hors D'Oeuvres

$45.00 IES Member
$55.00 Prospective Member
$25.00 Officially Designated Emerging Professionals

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This is a demonstration of how lighting is changing with the advent of multi-color LED-powered fixtures. The wonderfully variable but sometimes non-intuitive color capabilities of LED-powered lighting gives designers the power to both radically and subtly manipulate color in a real-time basis. This session presents some of the basic science behind colour perception and the nuances of additive colour mixing. It shows how differences in emitter colour choices can affect the colour quality of fixture output. It introduces the concept of metamerism as it applies to mixing colour with light and presents some ideas for the intuitive control of colour mixing fixtures.

Presented by: Michael Harris – Principal at CETEC Group Inc

CETEC Group Inc. is the sales representative nationally for Leon and Adamson along with RLed and ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls) in Eastern Canada. ETC is a global entertainment and architectural lighting company dedicated to providing customers with the best and most innovative lighting products, services and solutions. Michael is an alumnus of Ryerson Theatre School, Ryerson University. In his career, Michael has held the position of audio and lighting technician, technical director and production manager, before moving into sales. For more than twenty-five years, Michael has crafted his sales expertise, managing and representing various lighting and audio companies. Michael is an active member of IES and CITT, an avid baseball fan and cigar aficionado.

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